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Welcome to the Official Wiki for Mr. Red Dragon. A YouTube Content Creator & Influencer. Mr. Red as he is more commonly known, is living his dream of being a positive influence on his ever growing community of fans. A voice actor, Mr. Red has loaned his "booming" bass voice to several animations, as well as lending his voice for singing opportunities. Mr. Red rose to his humble status of notoriety by being discovered and tutored by his mentor, friend and "brother", Dataless822, who is a tremendously famous YouTube Content Creator. You can find Mr. Red on his Discord community where, when online he is more than happy to chat with fans one on one when he is not working.

"If I can make one person smile I've done a good job" - Mr_Red_Dragon

Mr. Red is a lively character, full of life and up to have a laugh with people of varied ages, Once you see him at work you’ll find yourself smiling and laughing along with them. A lot of his work is for a mature audience.He is random wacky and always does what you don't expect him to since he started with Dataless822 he has grown from a small you-tuber and becoming a well known and loved one. Working in a team currently known as “The Scrub Squad” (TSS) Figuring AJ(ICanHazBlockz) and Kingwilly.

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